CMS review - CMS Made Simple (vers. 1.2)

The installation procedure is very good, it also reminds the user to remove the "install" directory.

Creating a user and adding it to the "editor" group didn't cause any trouble. Creating a page and positioning it in the site layout is not difficult. Links can be easily added. I've tried to add a news and also this is easy.

There is a nice feature that's worth telling about. When logged in as "admin", on the right side there is a menu' labelled "shortcuts". Wherever you are, you can add that page as a shortcut and go back there in no time, whenever you need it. This is a really good idea as you can move through the 3-4 pages you use most of time without wasting time searching for them.

There is also a tag feature so that when a page is created more funcionalities can be added by just inserting a tag (a string character). Some examples: adding the tag "{print}" insert a link to a "printer friendly version" of the page where the tag has been added. Another tag "{adsense}" is there to help you inserting advertisement from Google. A lot of tags are predefined but much more can be defined by the user. Basically, they are macros that get expanded in the page.

Through the "Module Manager" new modules can be installed. I tried to insert a forum in the web site but I was not able to go beyond the installation. I read in the help I had to put a tag in the Front End but I couldn't understand how to do that.

Themes shipped with this CMS are not nice at all. Actually, there is only one theme, the others are only very small modifications of the first one. I had a look at the themes on CMS's site but I could hardly find anything nice.


The ease-of-use is not as good as expected, by looking at its name I thought this could be the CMS's strength. It doesn't look to be easier than competitors and overall quality doesn't compare to them. Shortcut menu' and tags are worthy of mention.

Overall rating: fair