How to deal with "VMware Remote Console Plug-in is not installed or could not be found"

BREAKING NEWS: for some reason is stopped working again. I leave the article here in the hope you'll be more lucky than me.

You have just installed VMware Server 2.0 and you are now staring at a web UI (also called "VMware Infrastructure Web Access") message saying "VMware Remote Console Plug-in is not installed or could not be found".

You know it's installed, because you installed it just a couple of minutes before. You can see it in the list of installed applications, you can also see it in your browser's list of installed add-ons. If you try to install it the installation wizard asks you whether you want to remove it, as it also know it's already installed.

Where this problems come from? I really don't know.


Are you using an operating system with a nice feature called UAC (User Account Control)? UAC is that funny idea you ran into the first time you used Vista or Windows 7.

I suggest that you sould:

  1. disable UAC (it's no use negotiating, just get rid of it!)
  2. unistall the plug-in
  3. install the plug-in again

(here and there you can be asked to restart the browser or the operating system, do it)

I solved the problem this way, I hope it works for you also.