CMS review - XOOPS (vers.

The installation procedure worked as expected and in no time the sistem was up and running. On the first login using "admin" user, a notice remind to remove the "install" directory and change permissions on file mainfile.php.

Creating users is easy while content creation and content positioning require some working. Using the standard installation there is almost nothing that can be done, to add content to a site a couple of additional modules must have been installed. The first one I installed was "News". This module lets you insert news (articles) on your site. Inserting articles is a feature that comes "bundled" in all the CMS I've seen except with this one. However, it's worth noting "News" installation is not difficult at all.

I didn't find any way to add links to the main page (i.e. I couldn't find any way, for instace, to have a link pointing to another web site or to a inner page of my site). There is a "Main Menu'" but the only way I find to modify its content is modifying the template used to generate that section.

Istalling a new module is not difficult. Basically, the admin has to download a zip file and unzip it in the "htdocs/modules" directory. At this point, a new modules appear in the admin control panel, among those that can be installed. Once it's been installed it becomes part of the system.

This CMS comes with only one theme but a lot of new ones can be downloaded from the XOOPS site. Some of them are really nice.

The CMS is nice and easy to use but I noticed a big limitation: the site layout seems to be too static. The administrator can only install modules and decide if their menus are allowed to appear and where they should appear. I was not able to create menus with their own sub menus or to have a link on the home page to another web site or inner pages of the same site. The only way I found to workaround this issue is modifying the HTML templates.

Overall rating: fair