CMS review - e107 (vers. 0.7.8)

The installation procedures takes care of everything, there is no need to perform any "manual" DB setup. The readme file found in the distribution is clear and coincise, it also reminds you some tricks to improve overall security (such as renaming directories and changing files permissions).

Adding users and assigning permissions is easy.

Adding content is easy but positioning lack of flexibility: news and articles can only be inserted at the center of the page, one on top of the other. On the left and right sides there is room for what e107 calls "menu'" (a calendar, the search tool, a box with online users, etc. etc.).

Eleven themes are provided with the standard installation, they are all nice and have preview to see the site layout and graphics. The procedure to change theme is very easy.

Enabling an additional plugin (the forum) through the plugin manager is easy.

There is a plugin to get e107's internal pages ULRs friendly to search engines. Another plugin gives the possibility to define a relation between a word (or list of words) and an URL, so that everytime the word appears in the site, it's rendered as a link to the specified page.

The standard theme (and most of those I checked) is not ready to be used. Often there is a lot of space on the page top, where a logo is probably supposed to go: as long as you don't find (or create) a good image the site has got a "hole" on the first place people look at.

As far as I can see there is only one "link section" on the home page. It would be nice to have a link section with "standard links" ("home", "downloads", "contact us", etc. etc.) and another section with links to internal pages to be positioned somewhere else on the page.


I could build a small site in five hours without reading TFM. No major defect to report, except that it looks a bit slower than other CMS.

Overall rating: very good