CMS review - MDPro (vers. 1.082)

First of all, let me say this is the first time I spend half an hour to understand how to download an application. What about putting a BIG link on named something like "download"? Anyway, after some search I finally got to a download page, I clicked on a link named "MDPro 1.082 zip", whose description said "MDPro 1.082 Complete package", when I unzipped it a directory named "mdpro1082" got created BUT when I ran the installer script I read "MDLite Integrated Web Solution - MDlite Installer".

After so much search, what have I installed: MDPro or MDLite? Which one am I writing a review about? Honestly, I don't know. Anyway...

The installation proceeded without troubles. I had already created a MySQL DB but it is not needed, the installation procedure can take care of that (I really like this).

After the installation I pointed my browser to the home page and I saw a lot of error messages suggesting "please check your modules/Blocks/blocks/ directory". All what I can say is that the directory is there. I can't understand what the application is complaining about, these error messages doesn't say anything useful.

I searched the forum for some help but didn't find anything useful.


I installed it but was not able to go any further.

Overall rating: not assessed